The Trial Sessions You Need To Do

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The wedding checklist of any bride should contain days for visiting the florist, the wedding planner, the hotel or reception hall, the dress shop or boutique, the hairdresser and stylist and what not – the list is endless. However, amidst all these visits, the bride should make sure that she has enough days left out in her agenda to make sure that she can do some ‘trial runs’ of her dress, makeup and hair! These will ensure that delays on the big day will be minimized – and they will also ensure that you will look just the way you expected to.

The dress – to begin with, you’ve probably visited enough boutiques and shops for wedding gowns, or perhaps even indulged in shopping online. It is extremely important that you leave time for fit-ons, especially if you have ordered your dress online. Even dresses that seemingly fit you when you checked them at a physical shop will often need some specific tailoring to suit your body shape, thus make sure to try the dress at least two or three times to be sure that you won’t be needing any more modifications.

Dermatologists and other specialists – before you visit your hair and makeup artist in Gold Coast, you might want to schedule a visit with your dermatologist – or at least, visit a spa to ensure that your face and skin is not suffering from a lack of attention. You can also slip in the pedicures and manicures in these visits, but you will probably need some more closer to the wedding date.

Wedding hair and makeup – most brides will leave both hair and makeup to one artist, but in the off chance that you are relying on two different people, you will have to schedule trial appointments with the both of them. The reason why you generally ought to visit a stylist after you have decided on your dress is because they will be needing a photo – or at least, a general sketch – of your dress and veil to plan for a matching look. Again, a trial run for both makeup and hair will ensure that you will look the very best, and will also give you a general idea of how long it will take to finish these preparations on the wedding day.

The bridesmaids – weddings nowadays mean that the bride is not the only girl that has to look lovely: her bridesmaids are to accompany and accentuate her look. Accordingly, know that you will have to book separate appointments for dress fittings, makeup and hair, and other necessities for your bridesmaids as well!

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